Gerald’s Bar

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Gerald’s Bar


4.5 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

A homey yet hip bar and restaurant in Melbourne, Gerald's Bar is home to a short but succulent dinner menu and one of the city's finest wine selections.

A warm and gregarious place where guests are made to feel more like old mates than customers, Carlton North’s Gerald’s Bar has quietly become one of the coolest bars in all of Melbourne. No, they just don’t make ‘em like Gerald’s Bar anymore. Well, we suppose they do since Gerald’s Bar has only been open since the late ‘Aughts, but it’s the type of place that is so full of character, that it definitely feels like it’s been around an eternity. The trick is pulled off in part due to Gerald’s decor: it’s simple, welcoming, and full of weathered walls laden with spirits and curiosities from around the world. Taking on a vaguely nautical air, you’ll spot famous footballer’s pictures, wooden ships, a collection of books, trinket trophies, and a record player, all somehow managing to work together. Gerald’s isn’t home to exposed lightbulbs dangling from a wire, just the warm glow of candles and antique light fixtures hanging gracefully from crown moulding. The other half of the equation here is the food and libations. Gerald’s Bar can certainly whip up a champion classic cocktail or whimsical dalliance, but it’s their wine list that has people coming for miles, with some well known sommeliers even known to slink in after their shift. The bottles on offer are well thought out to match up with the simple-yet-sensational gastronomic delights from the kitchen, with a by-the-glass menu that changes each and every day.

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