Little Blood


Little Blood


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May 11, 2018

A hidden Melbourne bar stocking over 100 bottles of Mexico's signature spirit, Little Blood specializes in mixing premium tequila into exquisite cocktails.

While bourbon whisky from Kentucky may still be the most famous North American spirit, nowadays, Mexico’s tequila isn’t too far behind. Yes, in recent years, the spirit has soared to become so much more than just ‘shots and margaritas’ in the mind of the cocktail-consuming public. Into this exciting new world steps Little Blood, a secretive space hidden above The Kodiak Club (itself a bourbon specialist) on Brunswick Street in Melbourne’s Fitzroy. Here, you’ll find the city’s first specialty tequila bar, home to over one hundred bottles of the magical Mexican spirit at any given time. Little Blood takes pride in its rotating collection of labels, all imported directly from Mexico as only any true tequila can be. Little Blood is keenly aware that tequila hasn’t quite conquered every imbiber out there yet, so they do a fantastic job of mixing it into fun and refreshing cocktails that appeal to all. That’s not to say you can’t get a killer margarita here, but just that you can also sip smooth and smoky creative takes on tequila-laced libations as well. Little Blood takes tremendous pride in their knowledge of the spirit, and the staff loves the chance to inform and educate all its guests about bottlers, barrel aging, and distilling, making a trip here as informative as it is fun. 

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