Section 8
    City-Center, Melbourne

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    We're willing to bet that there aren't many bars around like Melborne's Section 8. The open-air drinking space is located in a Chinatown car park while the bar itself is housed in a modified ex-shipping container. The whole thing has a kind of cool, spontaneous vibe as if it just sprang up from nowhere - actually it's been there since 2007 and was created with the aid of an architect. Graffiti adds to the urban appeal as people perch on wooden crates (more comfortable than they look) and drink a beer or enjoy a cocktail under the setting Melbourne sun and a canopy of glittering Chinese lanterns. They serve excellent bar snacks and yummy breakfasts if you're there in the morning. And the name? That comes from the insanity defence so often pled by Klinger in the US sitcom MASH. A nice touch to such an out-there place.

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