The Kodiak Club


The Kodiak Club


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May 11, 2018

A slice of the States transported Down Under, The Kodiak Club is Melbourne's go to spot for bourbon whiskey, craft beer, and American-inspired bar bites.

Offering a truly all-American experience, The Kodiak Club is the place to go for bourbon, buffalo wings, and Stateside craft beer in Melbourne. Starting from the moment you walk into The Kodiak Club, your brain may play tricks, convincing you that you actually stumbled into a watering hole in Portland or Chicago instead. The taxidermy on the walls and dark wood flooring sets the tone, but it’s the epic print behind the bar that seals the deal. In this piece, a grizzly bear stands in the foreground with jagged rocky mountain peaks in the background. If it was any more American, there would be a bald eagle soaring by with a can of craft beer in one claw and a bottle of bourbon in the other. Luckily, you won’t need that eagle, because The Kodiak Club has been collecting bourbon bottles for its collection since it opened in 2010, and now stocks over one hundred.  Craft beer is a similar story, with some of the biggest labels from the United States represented (and a few from Australia), including some hard-to-find labels and rare batches. Cocktail lovers are well-looked-after as well, as The Kodiak Club whips up all the classics and stunning signatures like the recent Spicy Lady: premium blanco tequila, lime, chipotle, hot sauce, and bitters; The Kodiak Caesar: premium vodka, tomato & clam juice, lemon juice, hot sauce and spices; and the Bacon & Smoked Maple Old Fashioned: bacon-infused bourbon, smoked maple syrup and bitters. If you get hungry, The Kodiak Club is famous for their authentic Buffalo Wings fried-up crispy and served in a zingy sauce just like they do in the States.