The Lui Bar


The Lui Bar


4.3 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A classy cocktail bar home to breathtaking views over Melbourne, Lui Bar mixes classic libations and modern creations as impressive as the panorama.

Located on the upper reaches of Melbourne’s soaring Rialto Towers, Lui Bar equally impresses with its combination of atmosphere and cocktails and fantastic views of Melbourne from above. Regularly turning up on roundups of the best bars in Melbourne, Lui Bar impresses from the moment you exit the elevator on the 55th floor. Regardless of where you end up seated (options include a gorgeous island bar featuring a Chihuly-esque cloud feature, a classy cluster of chaise lounges, and a romantic set of windowside tables), your views of the city below will be stunning. All of Melbourne’s most prominent landmarks are on display, and serve as the perfect side to the superb set of drinks on offer.  

Many of the cocktails bring with them a slice of Melbourne’s history in their composition and tell a story with each sip. Examples include the refreshing Sherry Cobbler, which is made with fortified wine, fruit, liqueurs and citrus poured over custom-made ice reminiscent of the blocks that used to be imported all the way from America; The Leatherwood Old Fashioned, made with single malt whisky and Tasmanian leatherwood honey (an homage to the days when native honey was one of the only sweeteners available in Australia); and the Koala Stinger – a take on the creamy and cold Cognac Stinger, but swapping in white chocolate liqueur and eucalyptus tincture. These, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg, as the wider drinks card includes all the classic cocktails you’d expect, fine wines from around the world, champagne, beer (both craft and iconic labels), ciders, and nearly every sippable spirit you could imagine.  

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