Whisky & Alement
    City-Center, Melbourne

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    The newly reopened Whisky and Alement only improves on the original. Whereas before Brooke Hayman and Julian White's Russell Street whisky bar boasted an already impressive list of 250, now they stock an astonishing 450 different bottles of whisky and are the only bar south of the equator to serve single cask whiskies care of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. There is some seriously good drinking to be done here, and any whisky buff worth their salt needs to pay this place a visit. D├ęcor-wise, there are hundreds of bottles dotted about the place, which give the place a certain kind of shine - but the bar's new, cleanly modern setting all bar brick and wood and leather and polished concrete, is also pretty cool in its own right. It makes for a nice sleek environment in which to sip your whisky of choice. The bar staff know an awful lot about their product and will happily steer you towards your perfect tipple and, via its Whisky School, the bar plays host to numerous whisky classes and other whisky based events, making this place a real destination for true single malt fiends.

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