Maison Artemesia
    City-Center, Mexico City

    About Maison Artemesia


    The cosy interior of Maison Artemisia is designed to transport drinkers to Paris and the Belle Epoque. “Maisons” were private houses that functioned as clubs where famous artists and wealthy personalities went to drink. In a 19th Century house in Mexico the spirit of the those maisons has been revived, with vintage French decoration creating an intimate setting, and an emphasis on that favourite tipple of French artists and intellectuals - absinthe. The bar has imported all the original ingredients, materials and techniques needed to make a range of absinthe cocktails guaranteed to get the night going with a swing, and the city’s bohemian spirits flock here to sample them.  And if the green stuff is just a little bit too hard-core, bartenders can also whip up some amazing concoctions with gin, rum and whisky. A soundtrack of modern beats is interspersed with live piano sets for that true salon experience.If the absinthe-fuelled cocktail bar should all get a bit much, retreat downstairs to the restaurant, which serves up a series of simple, French-inspired dishes like escargots and pickled pigs’ trotters. Entrance is limited to maintain that exclusive maison vibe, so get here early to guarantee a table or call ahead and reserve. 

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