PARE de sufrir mezcaleria


PARE de sufrir mezcaleria

Mexico City-City-Center

4.4 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Pare de Sufrir Mezcalería is a place with a passion for enjoying every aspect of mezcal properly, from production to tasting and everything in between.

A legendary bar that has become a place of pilgrimage for mezcal lovers the world over, Guadalajara’s Pare de Sufrir Mezcalería is a place to come to learn about, taste, and savour Mexico’s smooth and smoky spirit. Home to an atmosphere that seems to be equally inspired by Mexico’s signature rough-and-ready cantinas and the colorful haze of the 1960s – there is a mural of a Volkswagen bus on the wall – mezcal is the laser-focus of all endeavours at Pare de Sufrir Mezcalería. Pare de Sufrir Mezcalería only sources traditional mezcal that has been produced in small batches by master mezcaleros scattered throughout the country. In fact, most of the menu comes from unregistered artisan producers that the bar buys directly from and then bottles the product themselves. Pare de Sufrir Mezcalería then details on each label precisely where the spirit came from and exactly which methods were used in its production. If you still have any questions about your mezcal though, the staff is more than willing to further indulge you about all aspects of mezcal manufacture and flavor. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to the spirit that separates the venue from many of the other mezcalerías popping up all over Mexico. The bar’s name translates as ‘end of suffering’, and for all those mezcal lovers who have perpetually longed for a proper shrine to their favorite spirit, the agony has certainly ended.