Patio Aurora
    City-Center, Mexico City

    About Patio Aurora


    The New Mexico district of Roma has become known as something of a magnet for Mexico’s hipsters, full of some of the city’s hippest restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and galleries. Among them is Patio Aurora ‐ a hidden gem for hipsters in the know, where the bustle of Mexico City feels a million miles away. Tucked off from the main street down a narrow pathway, Patio Aurora offers a peaceful place to while away an afternoon or evening enjoying a meal or a few intimate drink with friends. The rustic, leafy terrace boasts its own bar and provides an atmospheric setting for live music that ranges from bossa nova to swing. The Aurora approach to cocktails is comfort with an upscale twist ‐ creating drinks that feel approachably familiar, but with an added edge of sophistication. Gin and tonics are a speciality here, flavoured with perfumed syrups and infusions made in‐house. The G&T cart is a nice touch ‐ if you’re sitting on the terrace the bartender will roll it outside and prepare your gin and tonic table‐side. The Italian‐inspired food menu provides some tasty snacks and meals, such as seared tuna steak and linguine with shrimp. This bar is a real taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of Mexico City.

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