Toscano Roma

Mexico City-Cuauhtémoc/Juárez

4.2 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A see-and-be-seen-spot in Mexico City's Roma neighbourhood, Cafe Toscano Roma offers a chance to slow down and savor tantalizing Italian food and drinks.

Just off a leafy park in one of the most bustling metropolises on earth, Mexico City, you will find Cafe Toscano Roma offering a slice of serenity and peace alongside authentic Italian food and drinks. For the uninitiated, the capital of Mexico can be a bit overwhelming, but when you have places like Cafe Toscano Roma around, it sure makes the landing much softer. Roma is one of the trendiest areas in town, and Cafe Toscano Roma has become one of the epicenters of cool in this particularity chic neighbourhood. By day, Cafe Toscano Roma impresses all with its wide range of authentic Italian coffee and food like fresh salads, pizzas, and pasta. All the fare pairs perfectly with the expansive breezy patio, which in a place like Mexico City that experiences spring-like weather all year long, is always full.  The terrace is the perfect place to laze an afternoon away and lose track of time, and when that happens, rest assured the fun doesn’t end with the sun goes down. That’s because by night, Cafe Toscano Roma fills up with a beautiful and sophisticated crowd sipping beer, cocktails, and catching up on the day’s affairs. While the busy city outside Roma rapidly buzzes away, Cafe Toscano Roma – and the Roma neighbourhood in general – remains a tranquil place for taking it slow.