Bardot Speakeasy
    City-Center, Miami

    About Bardot Speakeasy

    7318 20593

    Miami as a rule doesn't do low-key it's not so keen on quiet. One place attempting to buck that trend is the Bardot Speakeasy, a venue which, as its name implies, intends to keep a low profile. This means an unmarked door, no phone number and very little to let you know what it's actually like. Based in swish Wynwood, a small red awning is all there is to mark the club's entrance. The vibe is clandestine and elusive, the crowd sophisticated and artistically inclined if the rumoured bill of gallery nights, performance art and burlesque is anything to go by. While there's something rather overly self-conscious and forced about the modern speakeasy, the pseudo-under-the-radar, hush-hush appeal of such places is undeniably potent. And Bardot is the perfect example of that.

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