Sweet Liberty


Sweet Liberty


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A favourite late night cocktail bar and restaurant in Miami's South Beach, Sweet Liberty celebrates all things American with decadently delicious results.

South Beach certainly has no shortage of places to spend the small hours having a drink. In fact, it’s overflowing with them, but there is nothing, and we mean nothing, in the neighbourhood like Sweet Liberty. 

Sweet Liberty is an all-American neighbourhood bar (the freedom-loving name and logo that includes a torch like that of the Statue of Liberty says it all), that while definitely down-to-earth, knows how to shake cocktails and plate up food with the best of them. From the hanging American flags to the assortment of eagles and other Americana on display, it is evident from your first minute in the bar that it caters to a different slice of the South Beach scene. Sweet Liberty has already become a late night mecca for locals, who take their slogan of ‘pursue happiness’ (it’s emblazoned in neon inside the bar) very seriously. 

It’s hard not to find happiness here though, with house cocktails like the A What What (ultra-premium vodka, passion fruit, sugar, pineapple, Creme de Menthe, and black salt), the Velvet Sideswipe (mezcal, spiced agave, lemon, pineapple, Italian vermouth, and loads of crushed ice), and the ‘limit one’ Big Banana Julep (banana- tinged rum, bonded bourbon, salted banana syrup, and mint), in addition to a range of classic concoctions and craft beer. When hunger strikes, Sweet Liberty has you covered with modern American takes like fish tacos, cheesy cauliflower nachos with avocado cream, and a juicy Cuban torta featuring pork belly braised for 12 hours.