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Octavius Bar


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May 11, 2018

A stylish bar in the style capital of Milan, hidden-away Octavius has become a haven for lovers of both fashionable and classic cocktails in the city.

In a city famous the world over for its flair for fashion, Milan has recently also become quite well-known for its cocktail bars; and we’re elated to report that at one of the city’s finest dens, Octavius, the two are mixing together exquisitely.

Tucked away inside the The Stage, one of Milan’s hottest dining destinations (located at the Replay flagship store, naturally), Octavius is a haven of creamy leather booths, curvaceous dark woods, and master mixology. The resplendent nature of the aesthetics cannot be overstated, as they were designed with the express goal of enveloping guests inthe timeless glamor of a vintage Italian Riviera steamliner, and they have succeeded spectacularly. 

The cocktail list follows suit, as it has been created by a master Milan mixologist, and features many fashionable, of-the-moment spirits blended with classic Italian ingredients. A few fine examples are the La Perla (genever, premium vermouth, artisan Italian orange liqueur, and sugar pearls), the La Mez … Cla (mezcal, fresh lime and grapefruit juice, agave, lemongrass, egg white, yuzu, and sweet pepper powder), and Per-un-egroni (pisco, premium Italian vermouth, Milanese liqueur, and absinthe). This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they are also well-known for whipping-up wonderful martinis, sharing punches, and a short-but-sweet wine list.  Be aware: they don’t take reservations, and they don’t rush their guests, so you may have to wait, but we assure you it’s well worth it.