Maryland House at Brennan’s


Maryland House at Brennan’s

Missouri-St. Louis

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May 11, 2018

Serving some of St. Louis' best cocktails from behind an unmarked door, The Maryland House at Brennan's is a secret you'll be elated you were let in on.

Back before the speakeasy trend ever even percolated, much less dominated the world’s bar scene, The Maryland House at Brennan’s in St. Louis was specializing in clandestine cocktails. First things first: finding The Maryland House can be a bit tricky. Look for a storefront in the city’s cool Central West End neighborhood called Brennan’s, a tobacco and bottle shop with a bar of its own. The bar in Brennan’s creates a bit of confusion, as some patrons sadly mistake this bar for The Maryland House. Those in the know look for the unmarked red door next to the Brennan’s entrance, as that is the true gateway to The Maryland House, easily one of finest bars in the Gateway City. Once inside the door of The Maryland House, you are greeted by a steep staircase, with suspense about what resides at the top of it building with each step you take. At the end of your ascent you are met with an impressive and completely authentic apartment-style space, complete with weathered brick walls, multiple rooms, art on the walls, and a bar with a facade made of empty bottles. The cocktails at The Maryland House are top-notch, crafted by some of the best bartenders in the city, but it’s definitely the atmosphere and adventure in finding it that makes The Maryland House at Brennan’s so special. Photo credit –