Monte Carlo-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

The super-glam nightclub is pure Monte Carlo. It's the kind of place which couldn't really exist anywhere else, packed with gleaming, moneyed crowd all wearing the latest labels, sleek and polished almost to the point of glowing.

The super-glam nightclub is pure Monte Carlo. It’s the kind of place which couldn’t really exist anywhere else, packed with gleaming, moneyed crowd all wearing the latest labels, sleek and polished almost to the point of glowing. Jimmy’z is part of the luxurious Sporting Club complex, and is made up of a mixture of venues including two restaurants – Fuji and Bar & Boeuf.

Prices are as high and steep as the Pyrenees, cocktails cost an arm and a leg, and even a beer will put a significant dent in your wallet, but the people who drink here are not the kind of crowd overly bothered by such things. The club attracts top DJS to man the turntables, including David Morales and Boy George. The people who flock here tend to be big names in show business, fashion and sport.

It often plays host to big F1 parties which are as opulent and glamorous as you would imagine. There’s a reason this place has achieved legendary status.