4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

With its strap-line, ‘rough food for gentle people,’ the stylish Ugolek is definitely one of the hottest Moscow restaurants at the moment.

This unique restaurant and bar has a rather unusual concept at its heart ‐ antique cast‐iron stoves sourced from the USA. All the food prepared here is cooked in the ovens or on an open charcoal grill, giving the food a deliciously smoky and homemade flavour that is distinct as the venue itself. The homely design of the place reflects the rustic nature of the food, with an emphasis on natural materials and colours. Most of the furniture is made to order, with an eclectic range of accessories collected from as far‐flung corners of the world as Bali, India and France. In the summer the large windows can be thrown open to create the feeling of an airy covered terrace. The menu combines French, Russian and Italian influences, prices are reasonable and the service is friendly ‐ all in all it’s the ideal place to catch up with friends in a relaxed and unusual setting over a drink and a bite to eat. Upstairs there’s a disco bar designed in the style of a stylish apartment for those who want to continue their night out. Be warned though, word has spread fast about Ugolek’s attractions, making it one of the hottest spots in Moscow. To get a table on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night you need to reserve well in advance.