China House

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China House


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May 11, 2018

China House Lounge impresses with its combination of luxurious atmosphere, expertly crafted cocktails, and up-to-the-minute music played by leading DJs.

As the name of the venue indicates, China House Lounge has been designed to be a place that wraps you in the warm embrace of a traditional Chinese home. It is not your typical Chinese residence though, for this home just so happens to also be a nightlife mecca, offering some of the finest cocktails and music in all of the city. Located in the heart of the fabulous Grand Hyatt Mumbai hotel, China House Lounge impresses from the moment you cross its threshold and gaze upon the modern art-inspired interior wall hangings, plush leather seating, and dazzling island LED light bar backed by a bevy of bottles and glistening glassware. Traditional Chinese touches are here – mostly in the floral arrangements – but they are certainly subtle, as the focus at China House Lounge is definitely on enjoying modern Mumbai. The present has never looked so good as China House Lounge presents a tantalizing mix of signature cocktails – expertly crafted with precision even when the crowds are overflowing –  and top-flight DJs that do their best to make the current moment last forever. Whether you partake in the stunning main bar or in one of the meticulously put-together private spaces where the service is beyond first class, you are assured to have a night out you will remember for a long time indeed.

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