Harbour Bar


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May 11, 2018

A timelessly elegant bar in Mumbai, Harbour Bar is home to views of the city's most iconic landmark and an equally impressive collection of cocktails.

Mumbai’s most venerable venue, the Harbour Bar has been pouring drinks since the 1930s, becoming an absolute legend along the way. The first licensed bar in the entire city, the bar sits in the lobby of India’s most famous hotel – The Taj Mahal Palace –  with views to the world famous landmark, the Gateway of India. Visiting the Harbour Bar has become so much more than just simply ‘having a drink’ over the decades, as a trip to this ageless place has become a time-honored tradition among locals and tourists alike. Following a recent refurbishing, the space has been updated with modern decor touches, but still manages to keep its elegant ambiance in tact. When it comes to the cocktails, you’ll find all the classics you would expect, all expertly poured with some interesting native flavors thrown also in for good measure. You simply can’t leave the Harbour Bar though without trying their signature From The Harbour Since 1933. Legend has it that an American yachtsman had just heard the new about the repeal of Prohibition as his boat docked in Mumbai, and he bounded into the hotel bar and requested a drink fit for the festive occasion. On the spot, the bartender concocted a mix of native Indian juices and spirits, then flamboyantly set it ablaze, and it has been sipped at Harbour Bar ever since.