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Monkey Bar


4.1 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Recent locale of India's leading group of gastrobars, Monkey Bar Mumbai makes its predecessors proud with fantastic regional food and inventive cocktails.

In-keeping with Monkey Bar’s well established mantra, Monkey Bar Mumbai declares up front that they provide an experience ‘anything but usual’, and like the other locations of the wildly popular gastropub, they deliver. Monkey Bar Mumbai is smart and stylish yet lighthearted like the other locales around the country, featuring colorful chairs and booths, wooden floors, and a brick wall with a mural of a monkey sketched on it. The delectable food menu includes regional Indian takes from nearly every corner of the country balanced out by a plethora of plates inspired by the gastropubs of America and Britain. The cocktails that accompany the gastro delights at Monkey Bar Mumbai maintain the chain’s high standard, adding in a few unique twists distinct to this locale along the way. One such example is the Don Draper, inspired by the star of the television show Mad Men, it combines premium whisky with cloves, sugar cane, and bitters. Two more signature cocktails exclusive to Monkey Bar Mumbai are the Monkey Masala Soda – premium vodka, kaffir lime, and homemade masala soda – and the ‘decadently over the top but you just have to try it once’ Trip To Arthur Road, concocted with German herbal liqueur, absinthe, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, beer, triple sec, ginger juice, and fresh coriander. A full range of beers, spirits, and cool house ‘breezers’ are also popular choices of the Monkey Bar’s sophisticated crowd that tends to arrive early and stay late.