Night Out

Couch Club


  • Great food
1 / 5

May 11, 2018

This place has to rank as the city’s best gin joint.

This place has to rank as the city’s best gin joint. Alex Schwarz’s Couch Club stocks over 100 variations on our favourite spirit, including ones you’re less likely to encounter in Germany like The Botanist and a range of German gins with which you might not be familiar, like Adler and Monkey 47. It’s not the snazziest of venues but we like that about it, we like that they sell cheap pizzas and have a foosball table in the corner. The room is low-lit and pleasant if unflashly decked out with comfy vintage armchairs (and, yes, couches) and a scattering of framed photos on the wall. It has a kind of living room feel which we enjoy. There’s a range of other snacks and sandwiches available if you get the munchies though food is not the main draw here. The atmosphere is friendly and students and a mixed local crowd are as at home here as the more serious gin fiends. Keep your eyes peeled for their gin tasting sessions.