Grey’s Bar H’Otello Munich


Grey’s Bar H’Otello Munich


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May 11, 2018

The showcase cocktail bar at the H'Otello B1 in Munich, the utterly cool Grey's Bar has quickly become one of the hottest spots in the city for a drink.

The sparkling jewel in the crown of the H’Otello Munich (B1), Grey’s Bar is the place to go for hotel guests and discerning Munich locals alike to have a world class libation in the beautiful Bavarian city.  
While we have a ton that we adore about this gem of a bar, let’s start with the decor, because it nearly rivals the cocktails in its appeal (nearly). Taking a cue from the name of the venue, grey is the main color on display, and we have to say, we had no idea it could be this sexy. Grey drapes everything, from curvaceous wrap-around couches to ‘retro-futuristic’ feature chairs, lighting fixtures, and even a mosaic of tiles behind the bar. There’s the very odd splash of yellow or green, but grey rules the day, and it adds a sleek feel to things; also ensuring that your drink is destined to ‘pop’ on that inevitable social media post. 
How do we know you are going to want to share the details of your drink at Grey’s Bar with the world? Well, we’ve seen the menu, and it’s full of stunners presented in striking vessels. All drinks are handcrafted by one of Munich’s most esteemed mixology teams and combine both classic and up-to-the-minute techniques. Even if you don’t see something on the menu you’re crazy about, they’ll custom-make something for you on the spot.