The Patterson House


The Patterson House


4.7 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

With so many incredible bars calling for attention in Nashville, it can be hard to find one that makes you stand up and take notice, but the Patterson House will do just that.

It takes you by the hand and leads you beyond their heavy velvet curtains into an intimate, dark wood bar with chandeliers and a distinct old-world charm. A speakeasy modelled on the likes of New York’s Milk & Honey and Chicago’s the Violet Hour, this Nashville bar strives to create a warm, friendly space that’s free from distractions, which means there are no TVs flickering in the corner of your eye! They also have a set of ‘House Rules’, including not using your phone for anything other than texting in the main bar area and that there’s to be absolutely ‘no standing, no seat, no drink’ as they say.

Cocktails are the Patterson House’s first and greatest love. This is a craft cocktail joint where the highly knowledgeable and skilled staff handcraft each drink. Classic cocktails sit alongside the house specials with the Old Fashioned coming out as one of the most popular drinks. But to really make the most of your time here, try a speciality cocktail. The Patterson House makes most of their syrups and bitters in-house, and this focus on quality and attention to detail really shines through. With a seasonal cocktail menu that changes every three to four months, you can be sure that there’ll always be something new for you to try from warming, wintery concoctions to light, refreshing summertime sippers. The drinks err on the side of expensive, but this all about the experience so that makes it worth it.

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