Kitty Su

Night Out

Kitty Su

New Delhi-Center

4.2 / 5 4 / 5

May 11, 2018

Blending traditional and modern to create an lavish venue like nothing else in the city, Kitty Su is at the center of New Delhi's nightclub revolution.

In recent years, the Indian capital of New Delhi has seen an absolute explosion of its electronic dance music (and associated nightclub) scene, and Kitty Su has been at the beating heart of this transformation. Bringing a club to New Delhi like nothing else seen before, Kitty Su has quickly become a destination for all electronic dance music lovers in the city, creating something new and modern but still paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of India along the way. Named after a fictional jet-setting socialite, Kitty Su’s interior is inspired by her glamorous life, featuring opulent touches like animal prints, padded leather couches and walls, gilded mirrors, glittering chandeliers, and dark wood floors. Kitty Su isn’t just a pretty face though, as it has been an absolute ground-breaker on the New Delhi nightlife scene, being the first to introduce VIP Areas, the ‘nightclub within a nightclub’ concept, and a bubbly champagne lounge to the city. The cocktails created behind the bar are second to none, and the the club is also home to a trendy tattoo parlor and boutique. Combine this with the finest beats of techno, house, commercial, and dubstep, and it was no surprise to anyone in New Delhi when Kitty Su recently turned up on DJ Magazine’s list of ‘Top 100 Clubs in the World’. Photo credit –