S Bar


S Bar

New Delhi-Center

4.2 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Long known in New Delhi as the place to go for Mediterranean-inspired delicacies and refreshing cocktails, the recently updated S Bar is better than ever.

A staple on the New Delhi cafe and bar scene for well over a decade now, S Bar has recently been renovated to shine even brighter than before. Home to newly added hand-plastering, rustic pottery, burnt-wood fixtures, and the omnipresent exotic aromas of Mediterranean-inspired food and drink, S Bar has blossomed from Shalom to take things to spectacular new heights. Shalom was hands-down one of New Delhi’s most favorite lounges, and when you attempt to tweak something so dear to so many people’s hearts, it is a maneuver fraught with difficulty. S Bar managed to pull the trick off brilliantly though, transforming itself into a sleek three-floor venue in the process and entrenching itself atop the New Delhi nightlife rankings. The first floor at S Bar remains focused on dining – and serves some of India’s best Mediterranean cuisine at that – with the the second floor now the place to find a sleek bar and the sounds of a soothing resident DJ. S Bar’s breezy new third floor is certainly the star addition to things, as a stylish rooftop terrace has been added, perfect for soaking up sun and during the day or clinking drinks under the stars at night. The cocktails at S Bar all tend to be the type that pair perfectly with a sultry Mediterranean or Indian evening, as signature drinks include a refreshing watermelon sangria, cooling spiced iced tea, kiwi martini, and a house mojito. Photo credit – https://www.facebook.com/SBarRestaurant