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Blue Quarter
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New York City

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Feb 21, 2019

Just a few feet away from the hustle of 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, tucked inside a Middle-Eastern Restaurant behind a cerulean, key-shaped door, is the Blue Quarter. This bar in the East Village decorated in serene Mediterranean blues and greens, is a mystical oasis in the midst of the city that never sleeps.

Each cocktail on the Blue Quarter menu is based on tea; from The Unfinished Story, which blends matcha tea with tequila, coconut and lime oil, to Soon To Ripen, with its scotch, coconut and paprika-tinged Earl Grey.

Enter this enchanting venue and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a coastal villa somewhere in Morocco sometime in the last century, rather than a modern bar in Manhattan. It’s intentional. The Blue Quarter’s creators see each cocktail as an experience, and inside their space, the flavour is in the detail, not just the drink. From the shadowbox lighting that bathes the tiny venue in a warm, just-after-sunset glow, to the intricate emerald and azure coloured tiling on the bar top, Blue Quarter is a work of carefully composed notes. The promise of the decor is delivered in the taste of the cocktails; nine little concertos of delicate flavours, colours and textures.

With seating for just 18 patrons, Blue Quarter creates a deliberately intimate ambience, perfect for hanging out with close friends, a date with deep conversation or a solo escape from the frantic pace of the Big City.

Taking creative cocktails to a fresh new level in a space that creates a sensory experience all of its own, not unlike its sister bar Amor y Amaro, Blue Quarter easily sets itself apart from the crop of cocktail bars that have sprung up across NYC.