Achilles Heel
    Brooklyn, New York City

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    Andrew Tarlow's Achilles Heel has been designed to evoke the bars that once were popular with Greenpoint's dockworkers in the early part of the twentieth century. There are original features aplenty, like the hardwood bar and mirrors, along with more contemporary touches. The effect is really atmospheric without feeling artificial. There's a piano in one corner, a gleaming meat-slicer behind the counter and plenty of produce for sale including cured hams and tasty bread from Roman's. Coffee is a big deal here, as it once would have been, and they serve a tempting range of local brews. The bar menu features a range of oysters and other simple small plates, sandwiches and snacks many sourced from nearby delis and stores, like the pàté from the excellent Marlow and Daughters - and there's a small but solid drink list featuring classic tipples like the French 75. The short wine list make a feature of low-sulfate natural wines and they also serve a selection of 'Morning Highballs' tailored to people looking for a pick me-up after coming off a long night shift. The atmosphere is friendly and understated, a place in which you can unwind, rather than raucous or hipster like some of the other nearby bars.

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