Late Night Drinking


New York City-Brooklyn

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Cienfuegos (named after the Cuban port town) bills itself as 'home to everything Cuban and all things rum'. It certainly has impressive credentials...

Cienfuegos (named after the Cuban port town) bills itself as ‘home to everything Cuban and all things rum’. It certainly has impressive credentials – this East Village rum social club is the work of the people behind the rightly acclaimed Death and Co and has a cocktail menu created by some of the best in the business. Its chintzy yet chic Cuban-themed décor (mismatched chairs and antimacassars) provides an apt backdrop to some seriously superior drinks. Exotic rum cocktails are the order of the day and they definitely deliver. The Cuban punches are a particular speciality (we’d be tempted by the cheesily named but delicious sounding Intro to Awesome, though more sophisticated types can go for a Ponche Pimms or Isle of Manhattan Fizz). The punches all come available in a number of sharing sizes depending on your group (from the more intimate two-person Con un Amigo to the party-starting, ten-person Royal) but be warned, they are very moreish so you might end up fighting over who gets the last glass! The wine and beer lists are a bit more limited, as would perhaps be expected from a place whose focus is so squarely on quality cocktails, and the prices are what you would expect for the neighbourhood. The service is friendly and the vibe relaxed and romantic, making it a popular place for a date, but equally a great venue to chill with friends. Hidden above Cuban sandwich bar Carteles, Cienfuegos is well stocked with different varieties of rum and they also serve Cuban bar snacks courtesy of the folks downstairs the menu includes plantain chips, yukka frites, tamales and empanadas, or some super tasty desserts for those with a sweet tooth.