June Wine Bar

Night Out

June Wine Bar

New York City-Brooklyn

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A drop-dead gorgeous venue with a passion for natural wine and fantastic food, June's Wine Bar has quickly become Brooklyn's best spot for sipping vino.

With its steadfast – and exclusive – focus on the nuances of natural wines, June is certainly not your mother’s wine bar. Unless of course the matriarch of your family was a passionate vintner who maintained a dedication to organics and a mantra of minimal intervention. If that’s the case, we are extremely jealous; if not, a trip to June Wine Bar in Brooklyn is most definitely in order. June is as pure as the pure it pours, with dark woods, colourful stained glass, crescent booths, and dangling bulbous lights dominating the decor. The venue certainly has a vintage feel to it, and that pairs perfectly with the techniques used in the wine. For while the name may conjure up thoughts of new-age methods, natural wines are simply wines done the old-fashioned way: using only the fermented juice of grapes, and none of the chemical additives that have become commonplace in today’s mass market. June offers over 100 varieties of natural wines – sourced from all over the wine-producing world – in both familiar and unfamiliar varieties. Yes, in addition to reds, whites, and roses, you will find ‘oranges’ on their impressive list, which are ‘whites’ made in an ancient ‘red’ method that have been generating quite a buzz. All the natural wine on offer pairs perfectly with the stellar food served, dished out at dinner and brunch on the weekends.