Flatiron Lounge


Flatiron Lounge

New York City-City-Center

4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Flatiron Lounge wears its Jazz Age heart firmly on its sleeve. The fashionable New Yorkers who flock here come as much for the 1920s ambience as they do for the expertly prepared craft cocktails.

From the gleaming expanse of the mahogany bar and the eye-catching Art Deco elements to the nostalgic themed drinks menu, the Flatiron Lounge brings a touch of the roaring ’20s to this glitzy locale. The circular booths and low lighting give this venue a speakeasy-style atmosphere, made complete by the strains of old-school jazz.

The Lounge is a very popular destination for tony Manhattanite tipplers and curious visitors alike. Perhaps inevitably it does get busy at times and you may face an appreciable wait to get in – but it’s well worth a little delayed gratification. Housed in a historic 1900s building, the Lounge is co-owned by celebrity mixologist Julie Reiner. Reiner is known for the Zinc Bar (another popular NYC watering hole) and the Red Room in San Francisco, and the cocktails on offer here reflect her expertise. There’s an emphasis on top-quality spirits and carefully selected ingredients, prepared by well-trained and charming staff. The service is sparklingly professional, no matter how busy the bar gets. Those who want to enjoy a little gossip with their evening libations will appreciate the Lounge’s low-decibel acoustics, which keep things conversation friendly even during the busiest hours.

The drinks menu is heavy on old-time recipes – sours, cobblers, juleps and champagne mixes are all prominent. The menu is refreshed regularly to keep things interesting and features various seasonal creations. The drinks are always expertly made and well presented without being flashy. The Flatiron Lounge’s signature offering isn’t one drink but three: patrons can ask for a ‘flight’ of martinis or other cocktails, three individual small-sized drinks with complementary flavour profiles to tantalise your taste buds.