La Contenta

La Contenta

New York City-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

A taste of real Mexican cocktails in the middle of New York City, La Contenta pours both familiar and slightly obscure spirits from south of the border.

Bringing a genuine slice of Mexican cocktails to New York City’s Lower East Side, La Contenta is impressing all who enter its doors with food and drinks tinged with the authentic – and slightly lesser known –  flavours of Mexico.    La Contenta isn’t your typical ‘Mexican’ cocktail bar, as margaritas and tequila are just the tip of the frothy iceberg here. Nope, here the focus is on craftsmanship and introducing other Mexican spirits like sotol, bacanora, and even the unique flavour of pulque. That’s not to say there isn’t a margarita, as their house variety is a stunner using the simple combination of blanco tequila, premium triple sec, freshly squeezed lime juice, and agave nectar – all that a good ‘rita should ever be made of.   As you dig deeper on the La Contenta menu, it is like being taken on a tour of Mexico with drinks like the Oaxaca Express – mezcal, ultra premium triple sec, jalapeno-infused agave, lime juice, basil, and cucumber – showing off Oaxaca state’s mezcal tradition and an entire section of the menu called Agave Clandestinos dedicated to more obscure regional spirits. The stars of this section are the White Chihuahuan featuring sotol (agave-based spirit popular in Chihuahua state) blended with coffee liqueur and cream in addition to the Paloma Nortena, which combines the northern state of Sonora’s favourite spirit of Bacanora with a tart mix of bitters, grapefruit and lime. The bar also does a range of Micheladas (a zesty mix of beer and spices) and creamy Pulque (an ancient creamy spirit made from fermenting the maguey plant) pours to finish your tour off in style. Photo Credit: