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    Dutch Kills is another feather in the hat of Milk & Honey maestro Sasha Petraske. By now the formula is familiar: dapper bartenders serving superlative drinks and an echo of earlier, more refined times. Dutch Kills gives you that but it also gives you a little more room for manoeuvre. The bar is housed in an attractive building with spacious booths and a piano room. The monthly changing cocktail menu is concise but, as ever, each element is executed with care and precision. Drinks are themed on Queens neighbourhoods while prices are reasonable, reflecting the location. Where it really wins is in terms of atmosphere, which is warm and vibrant without the aggressively stylish edge of some Manhattan bars.

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    Read More "Dutch Kills in Long Island City, NY is where I sat and drank incredible cocktails and studied the moves of their incredible trailblazing bartenders. That was the first 'craft' cocktail bar in New York City that really grabbed me. I loved the decor. The bar construction is so bartender friendly. They offer great booze, and they make classics and riffs on classics that showcase the ingredients as they come out of the bottle. I feel like Dutch Kills was the first 'fancy' cocktail bar that I went to during the craft cocktail resurgence that didn't feel gimmicky or high-falutin. I still learn a ton sitting at those bar stools." - Peter Vasconcellos of The Penrose, New York City

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