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New York City-Lower East Manhattan

  • Speakeasy
  • Great food
3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Hidden behind an unassuming metal door, Attaboy is a cocktail bar with character. The first thing you'll notice is the intimate speakeasy vibe of this semi-secret Lower East Side gem, the next is the mercurial character of the drinks on offer.

This should come as no surprise to fans of Milk & Honey, the bespoke cocktail sensation that previously operated out of the venue. The laid-back atmosphere and top-of-the-line mixology draw in a young and diverse crowd, from hoody-clad creatives at the bar to the on-trend couples who cosy up in the booths. The interior is spacious and inviting, without any pretensions: here, the drinks speak for themselves.

M & H alumni Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy are the masterminds, bringing their mixology knowhow to a range of spectacular new concoctions. Attaboy’s precursor is notorious for its eccentric list of house rules: guests were to refrain from such infractions as namedropping or ‘hooting and hollering’. These have been toned down for Attaboy, which takes a less austere approach. Many of the key elements that made M & H such an explosive sensation are still very much in place – the spirits are top quality, the juices are fresh and the ice is properly cut and crystal clear.

Where M & H offered quick-change variety and novel ingredients in crafty combinations, Attaboy takes things even further. Where ordering something that’s not on the list will often earn you a withering glare at more hidebound establishments, Attaboy’s guests are positively encouraged to go off-piste. One-of-a-kind cocktails are whipped up based on your suggestions and preferences, giving you a truly individual experience every time. You might expect this kind of customised libation to inflict some serious damage to your wallet, but Attaboy delivers its bespoke offerings at off-the-peg prices.