Berlin Bar

New York City-Lower East Manhattan

  • Night Out
  • Live music
4 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

A no-frills music venue open until late every night, Berlin is a gritty bar and underground club trying to take NYC's East Village back to its roots.

What do you get if you cross a gritty underground club with a gentrified street in New York’s East Village? The answer is Berlin – a no-frills basement hangout that likes its music as powerful as its spirit selection. Created by a famous nightlife entrepreneur and musician who was hankering after the bygone days of the East Village, Berlin is as understated as they come in terms to its interior decor – and that’s all part of the allure. Vaulted brick ceilings and exposed plumbing contrast against sultry red lighting and several twinkling chandeliers, but there is no doubt that the staff and bottles behind the long wooden bar mean business. Taking its name – and its inspiration – from brassy-yet-classy venues in Germany’s hippest city, Berlin isn’t in the business of serving up fancy cocktails in elegant glassware with stuffy surroundings. Instead, what you’ll find is flavorful, simple concoctions – like the White Angel, created with gin, vodka and juniper berries – served up with vigour, to accompany the bar’s nightly live music on the small downstairs stage. Unfortunately for those that have work the next day, Berlin doesn’t really get going until after 11pm each night, but if you can stand to brave the lack of sleep, then it’s the perfect venue to mingle with some of New York’s most adventurous – all looking for a taste of a bygone city scene.