Central Bar


Central Bar

New York City-Lower East Manhattan

4.1 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An Irish sports bar and grill located in NYC’s East Village, Central Bar is a haven for lovers of football, finger food and freshly-made cocktails.

The lineup of world flags above the entrance of Central Bar in New York’s East Village may not, at first glance, disclose that it’s actually an Irish-themed bar and grill. Yet these flags can only allude to one thing: the bar’s penchant for showing live sports from around the world.

Split over two levels, Central Bar offers a lively sports bar downstairs and a private bar and lounge upstairs – open to the public at weekends, when DJs and dancing are a common sight. In the main bar, customers can enjoy a more rustic and cosy atmosphere, filled with leather booths, exposed brick walls and wooden benches. There’s even a Victorian-style fireplace for those infamously cold New York winter days, and if you look closely at Central Bar’s fancy patterned wallpaper, you’ll discover that it’s actually emblazoned with the logos of iconic American businesses and sports teams.

Drinks at Central Bar run the gamut from wine and draft beer to an impressive range of scotch, tequila and Irish & American whiskies. Cocktails are all made-to-order and offer contemporary twists on classic drinks – like the Key Lime Martini with vanilla vodka, a splash of lime and pineapple juice, and the Hot Tequila (hot because it’s muddled with triple sec, orange juice and tabasco). Fare at Central Bar is a feast of hearty bar snacks and finger food, and fuse both American and Irish classics – you can start your day with a full Irish breakfast and end it with piled-high nachos. We won’t judge.