Death and Co.


Death and Co.

New York City-Lower East Manhattan

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Despite the ominous name, there's nothing gloomy about this speakeasy styled bar. Hiding behind distinctive doors...

Despite the ominous name, there’s nothing gloomy about this speakeasy styled bar. Hiding behind distinctive doors, the low-lit and intimate interior exudes a cool, jazzy vibe. Kerosene lanterns and crystal chandeliers add to the atmosphere, scattering shadows up the gold-flecked walls, while the granite tables and suede banquettes have evidently been chosen for their understated, classy look.

The cocktails are truly superb, mixed by bartenders who learned their trade at the likes of the Pegu Club and the Flatiron Lounge. Here the extensive list offers such delights as Slap n’ Pickle Krogstad Aquavit, muddled cucumber, fresh squeezed lime juice, housemade grenadine and a cucumber wedge. Be prepared to wait for your tipple though perfection cannot be rushed and many of the cocktails are stirred up to 50 times, as well as being meticulously taste tested by the bar tenders.

If you’re after a quicker hit of alcohol, there’s also a plentiful array of well-chosen wines, scotches and whiskies. And a selection of bites and desserts including pulled pork sliders and warm chocolate cake – will keep the wolf from the door. Scattered amongst the drinks and food, the menu also offers some famous pithy one-liners from various noted folk.

Our favourite is probably: “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” – President Franklin Roosevelt, after repealing prohibition. This is one for people who like their bars grown-up and atmospheric rather than riotous and super-trendy. And the name? Well, in yet another nice touch, it’s a reference to a Prohibition-era art movement.

What their peers say

Before Phil Ward opened Mayahuel, a new agave focused cocktail bar down the street, he and Brian Miller collaborated on Death and Company: the first proper cocktail bar in Manhattan’s East Village. After adding Joaquin Simo, Alex Day and Thomas Waugh to the roster over the past couple years, this bar has become an all-star team of bartenders who work seamlessly to craft drinks from their extensive menu of house creations.” Jim Meehan of PDTNew York

A uniquely gothic vibe, uber-passionate and equally talented bartenders set this NY haunt apart from its competition.” Ryan Magarian