Leave Rochelle Out of It
    Lower East Manhattan, New York City

    About Leave Rochelle Out of It

    4822 2100

    This buzzy Lower East Side bar apparently owes its quirky name to the woman that both co-owners used to date (presumably at different times, as everyone's still good friends). Understandably the lounge has become known as Rochelle's for short. It's a hip spot, white-tiled and wood panelled, with a real thing for whisky and brown liquor in general. The cocktail list is tight and focussed, concentrating on potent drinks like the classic Rusty Knot. There's a huge array of brown spirits for straight-up sipping, and they also serve the cool (and increasingly ubiquitous) pairing of whiskey chased with a shot of pickle juice, the Pickle Back. If you've not tried this unusual combo yet we suggest you give it a go. It sounds odd but the contrast really works. Or you could go for a Miller Hi Life Split with the whiskey of the week. There are barrel aged cocktails (but of course), a couple of non-whisky based cocktails if that's how you roll including one called Token Tequila Cocktail - and a selection of quality bar snacks to go with your drink, including duck confit sliders, a top notch range of cured meats and the DFPBJ, a foie gras, pancetta, peanut butter and jam concoction that sounds frankly obscene in the best way.

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