Mother of Pearl

Late Night Drinking

Mother of Pearl

New York City-Lower East Manhattan

4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Festive Polynesian-themed bar/restaurant with tiki-style drinks, inventive glassware (unique to each drink), and a front section open to the elements. A resort getaway on the Lower East Side.

Stepping into a space formerly occupied by the cave-like Gin Palace, this airy, colorful bar is a mini resort vacation in Alphabet City. Green and white tile and wallpaper, along with jungle greenery livens up the venue. Windowless seating up front gives the impression of drinking under a cabana. Dubbed a “Polynesian Restaurant” by founders Ravi DeRossi, Austin Hennelly and Jane Danger, most of us just call it a Tiki bar. But it’s a Tiki bar with a twist: mezcal might replace rum in a cocktail, weird glassware doesn’t involve so much idols as giant pineapples and sharks. Yes, there’s a cocktail dubbed the Shark Eye (bourbon, curaçao, passion fruit, lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, tiki bitters). For a more traditional Island taste, order the Platino Dominicano (rum, banana liqueur, ristretto, absinthe cream). Drinks are built or finished tableside so you don’t have to sit at the bar for the show. Seasonal cocktails spice up the menu, as does beyond-bar-food entrees like Kalua pork belly with pineapple kimchee and a ginger glaze, or hanger steak with shallot teriyaki and matchstick taro. Staying on trend, large format cocktails and small shot cocktails are both available.

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