New York City-Lower West Manhattan

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May 11, 2018

Bringing baijiu from China to cocktail lovers in New York, Lumos pours the ancient Eastern spirit in a host of creative, captivating, and delicious ways.

Hiding down an anonymous flight of stairs on Houston Street in New York City, Lumos is clandestinely leading the charge in helping introduce the ancient Chinese spirit of baijiu to the Big Apple.   While baijiu is only beginning to trend in the West, the white liquor is already the number one consumed spirit in the world, no doubt thanks to China’s one billion plus population. They are definitely on to something though, as the powerful spirit (it is typically over 100 proof) possesses a magical power over its sippers, and has a multitude of aromas and flavors, many of the umami variety, depending on the version. Lumos stocks over 40 bottles of baijiu in their Shanghai-speakeasy themed den, and while natives typically enjoy the stuff straight up, the bar is making heads turn with their cocktails blended with baijiu.   Paramount of these are the tart and smoky Goji – goji-infused Baijiu, mezcal, pink grapefruit, lime, agave, and orange bitters – the silky Sesame Colada – baijiu, mangosteen, white sesame paste, caramelized pineapple, and agave – and the signature Asian Pear – baijiu, Asian pear, cherry liqueur, spiced elixir, lime, and sage. Lumos is also aging some of its baijiu in oak barrels to bring out another side of the spirit, in addition to offering cocktail classes and even ‘baijiu and burlesque’ nights, further proving its dedication to this enchanting spirit from the East.    Photo credit: