The Flatiron Room
    Lower West Manhattan, New York City

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    The Flatiron Room a distinct entity from the famous Flatiron Lounge nonetheless shares much of the old world charm of its better-known semi-namesake. Relax in elegant vintage d├ęcor (plush purple curtains, hand-painted ceilings, reclaimed wooden floorboards and Chesterfield-esque banquettes) while you peruse a ridiculously impressive selection of bourbon or rye. The bar has over 400 whiskies to choose from, and their 'bottle keep' service means you can order by the bottle knowing that the bartenders will brand it with your name, and store it away for your next visit. Knowledgeable and friendly waiters and bar staff really know their stuff but are never intimidating: they are more than happy to answer your questions and steer the novice in the right direction (there's even a Whisky Sommelier should you need one). While it gets busy at the weekends, during the week the place has a relaxed, wind down vibe that makes it the perfect spot to chill out after work. The venue hosts regular live bluegrass acts, and manages to be spacious enough for decent sized groups while intimate enough for the date, and they take reservations if you don't want to risk not getting a seat (the Flatiron Room is open all week except Sunday). Food is light bar fare meant to complement the drinks rather than anything too complicated or fancy (a range of breads, salads and charcuterie though they also do a mac and cheese if you're really peckish). On the mixed drinks front, classic cocktails are very much the order of the day and they do an impeccable Old Fashioned. And if the whole experience makes you want to know more about your whiskies, the venue runs a 'Three Parts Bourbon' course to help you become a true Bourbon Aficionado.

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