Press at Ink 48
    Midtown Manhattan, New York City

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    Ink48 is one of New York's hippest boutique hotels so it's no surprise that their take on a rooftop bar is stylish, luxurious and just that little bit witty. Seventeen floors up, the view from the Hell's Kitchen deck is pure cinema, lacking only the strains of Rhapsody in Blue to turn it into a Woody Allen title sequence. The bar itself is sleek as can be with an elegant, contemporary aesthetic. It's the kind of place in which you can perch with a cocktail and just revel in the city's embrace. The music is cool but it doesn't pound out of the speakers meaning that it's entirely possible to have an actual conversation without shouting, which makes this a good potential date spot. The drinks are very well-executed indeed and it's definitely worth stopping off here before or after a meal in the hotel's acclaimed Print restaurant.

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