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Feb 21, 2019

If you're in Barcelona and wondering where the party is, Bar Sauvage is where you look. From the queue that snakes itself down Passeig del Born on any weekend night, to the high energy vibes that hit you once you step inside, it's clear that this Barcelona cocktail bar is the party spot to hit.

The first floor hosts the main restaurant and bar, but for the real party, head downstairs. The basement bar slash club is not the type of place that needs warming up. As soon as you walk in, the sound is pumping, and everybody is on their feet.



The driving, syncopated soundtrack is a waistline-undulating mix of pulsating tropical house laced with irresistible Caribbean rhythms. It’s impossible not to dance. The crowd is an animated mix of locals and trendy internationals. This is a well-known spot on Europe’s party map.

The drinks at the downstairs cocktail bar do a lot more than just keep the party well-watered. Bar Savage prides itself on the its mastery of the science of bartending with a trendsetting cocktail list, translated into English for international visitors. The creative cocktails are unabashedly quirky and strong. There’s the Sauvage take on the Bloody Mary — the Vampirella — and creations that are all its own, like the delicious Argentina en Un Trago, black tea-infused gin with caramel and mint. You can check the strength of your drink in advance, thanks to a handy coding system on the menu.

After all that dancing, you might want something to eat. Courtesy of the venue’s sister restaurant, Pink Taco, you can fill up on authentic Peruvian and Mexican street food served onsite, food truck-style. The options here — mostly tacos and ceviche — are tasty and satisfying; perfect fuel for you to get back on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

For a high-intensity taste of how to party Barcelona-style, make a stop at Bar Sauvage when you’re next in this city.