Angel's Share


Angel's Share

New York City-Upper Manhattan

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Angel's Share is everything you want to find in New York City. Speakeasy style and high-quality cocktails for small groups. Read more on World's Best Bars

Head to East Village, 8 Stuyvesant Street, then go to the 2nd floor, through the Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho and find an unmarked door. Then, like the Pevensie children emerging from the back of a wardrobe into Narnia, you’ll find yourself in a very different world. (Sorry to have to be so specific, but you don’t want to miss this place it might be hard to find but it’s certainly worth the effort.)
No standing, no groups of more than four and no shouting set the standard for this cool, Eastern-influenced lounge where the cocktail is held in the highest reverence – now this sounds like our kinda bar (be warned, though, these rules are strictly adhered to, so don’t turn up thinking you can squeeze in your group of five!).
A speakeasy vibe blends with stylish décor that makes up for the rather limited space (there’s a suitably angelic-themed mural above the bar, or great views of Stuyvesant Square if you get near the large windows). At at busy times you may have a wait to get seated, but it’s a classy destination if you’re out to impress a date with your sophistication and insider knowledge. In this tiny venue, cocktails are mixed with scientific precision by the two Japanese bartenders then served in perfectly chilled glasses (try the award-winning, Bacardi-heavy Speak Low for a treat, or if classics are more your thing, the Grasshopper comes highly recommended).
Sake wine and whiskey are also the order of the day, along with delicious bar snacks from sashimi and dim sum to fried oysters and Japanese sausage.

Main photo credit: Angel’s Share Facebook page