Manhattan Cricket Club


Manhattan Cricket Club

New York City-Upper Manhattan

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May 11, 2018

Ensconced above Burke & Wills, an Australian restaurant, the Cricket Club is an old school gentlemen's club. The venue is a 19th-century apartment on the Upper West Side, where members and non-members alike can escape into the cosy atmosphere of this quiet cocktail bar.

Cricket and class: The Manhattan Cricket Club

The Cricket Club is a double homage, first to the sport from which it takes its name and secondly to the great cocktail classics. The decor is comfortably old-fashioned and luxurious, with sports memorabilia cramming every nook and cranny. The club is quiet and genteel, with various rules of etiquette in play; you’d be well-advised to acquaint yourself with these before arrival, since they’re not all intuitive. Smart dress is appreciated. As you’d expect from a club that bans mobile phone calls and insists that all patrons take a seat instead of standing, the crowd tends to be more mature and fairly upper-class. Although women are welcome, this is a gentlemen’s club and men tend to be in the majority.

The drink menu leans heavily toward whiskys, primarily Scotch and American, if you’ve ever been curious about Japanese whisky, the Cricket Club can introduce you to some of the better brands. Their range of gin, vodka, and brandy is less extensive but very select. The Cricket Club’s signature tipple is the Salt and Pepper, a umami-loaded version of the Bloody Mary, beefed up with sundried tomato and celery-root tincture, then seasoned with smoked-black-pepper essence and white truffle salt. It’s worth hunting down the club’s secret entrance just to try one!

You don’t have to become a member to enjoy a drink at the Cricket Club, but you may find yourself envying the members’ special privileges. Perks on offer include priority seating, private dinner menus and private lockers that can be stocked with their own choice of liquor.