Vaucluse NYC

Jazz & Blues

Vaucluse NYC

New York City-Upper Manhattan

4.6 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A tasty French themed restaurant, Vacluse in New York City designed by Michael white.

Altmareas’s first French restaurant Vaucluse is a beautiful composition of modern sophistication and good food. From Michael whites chains of Italian cuisine they have decided to bring you a fresh flavour and its already kicking up a storm. Found on the upper east side of New York, Vaucluse is a 170 seat dining experience inside a delicate white walled restaurant that takes you back to a Victorian era. This is the type of restaurant where you will want to wear suits and heels to avoid feeling out-of-place. Vaucluse offer a bold and exciting menu of French cuisine, combined with an American twist. We recommend the Foie Gras Poele for a starter followed by the Poulet rote aux olives that is roasted chicken, Provençal olives, la ratte potatoes and lardons. For dessert you don’t want to miss out on their delicious comte crepe with hazelnuts and truffles. This restaurant has a vast wine selection as well as some real treats on their house cocktail list. We love the pamplemousse julep that has rye and combier pamplemousse, rose and doubonnet rouge. There is also the ‘frankly my dear’ cocktail that is extra flavoursome consisting of vodka, egg white and raspberry shrub!