Why Not Bar

Nha Trang-City Centre

3.7 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Vintage Industrial in the heart of Zagreb is an eclectic rock ‘n’ roll nightclub/ bar that hosts numerous events and performances.

‘Why Not’ bar in Vietnam is a speakeasy ‘backpackers’ bar on the bustling streets of Nha Trang. Unlike other bars in the neighbourhood – ‘Why Not’ emits a powerful ‘college bar’ feel that makes it fun and exciting for younger customers. This small quintessential bar has cosy seating lined against the rooms walls, making space for a large dancing centre for all the party lovers. Equipped with a pool table and an outside smokers terrace ‘Why Not’ gives off a dive bar feel. There are many tasty concoctions on their menu and happy hour starts as early as 4pm! On certain days they even have free cocktails for females at 9-10pm. The bar offers a small menu consisting of tradtional Vietnamese bar food and small bites, we recommend the ‘todays fish,’ which is tasty and filling! Not only do they have really great happy hours, but they also host some themed nights such as ‘moustache Monday’ which means you can visit on different nights of the week and get a completely different experience! Why Not offer shisha too which we think goes down a treat with a cool cocktail!