Orange County-Costa Mesa

  • Speakeasy
  • Whisky
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May 11, 2018

Casa bar in Orange County is a chilled out and relaxed zone for drink lovers. The retro theme runs throughout and this bar hosts entertainment weekly.

Casa bar in California is the perfect speakeasy chill out zone. Based in one of the oldest buildings in Costa Mesa, the beautiful 1952 house sets up Casa for an intimate drinking experience. The bar definitely has a retro theme, with hand painted wallpaper featuring dragons and peacocks along with elaborate flowers.

Looking around, you will see plush leather seats stretched along the room with many round wooden tables ready to hold your drinks, along with a beautiful 20th century French antique bar. The small stage based at the front often hosts live jazz or piano artists with bright fairy lights illuminating it. This tight knit bar definitely has a cosy feel, and you could quite easily snuggle up on those plush seats and pick a book off of their shelfs…

This bar is keen to show off their ’48 bar type’ licence meaning they can serve a huge variety of drinks not only wine beers and small spirits. We recommended trying the ‘get it girl’ cocktail which is a zingy blend of vodka, elderflower, cucumber and mint!