Twenty Eight

Great food

Twenty Eight

Orange County-Irvine

4.2 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Twenty Eight in Orange County is the genius restaurant created by Chef Shirley Chung. You can choice from two menus, filled with exotic cuisine blends and a tasty cocktail menu.

Twenty Eight is a unique bar/restaurant created by celebrity chef Shirley Chung who is known for her appearance on Top Chef, New Orleans. With food inspiration taken from many cultures, her unique menu is really pulling in the crowds. Chef Chung shows off her amazing skills, combining cuisines from China, France, Italy and Mexico to make the awesome menu at Twenty Eight. With the menu set to change seasonally and with daily specials, it is impossible to get bored here. Her aim is to provide Californian themed dishes but add her own spin! We believe she’s managed to do this with the Singapore chilli lobster, which comes with hand-cut noodles covered in squid ink. This is definitely a dish you should try! You can enjoy your food inside on the white bar stools, by the granite bar, or on the patio where you can grab some fresh air. While you wait for your food to be freshly cooked, order a ‘cool as a cucumber’ speciality cocktail which is vodka, cucumber and sweet pea essence with mandarin shrub and fresh lemon juice (This particular cocktail is vegan and gluten free.) The bar has eight speciality cocktails to choose from, as well as Spirits. There are of course local wines and beers on tap too.