Orange County-Orange

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  • Outdoor
2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Anepalcos is the perfect restaurant in orange county for a quiet and relaxed evening. With blends of French and Mexican cuisine- there are unique flavours you can’t try elsewhere.

Anepalcos is a creative invention of a combination of Mexican and French food by chef Daniel Godinez. Using recipes from his ancestors, Godinez has come up with delicious menus that can only be found here.

This restaurant has a reservation only policy which means you are always guaranteed a seat.  Anepalcos is a cosy restaurant with an air of Parisian style. They have an outdoor terrace with metal chairs and bricked columns, you could easily imagine sitting out at sunset looking up at the Eiffel tower. There is also, a silhouette of the Eiffel tower as the A in Anepalcos on the door sign. This restaurant has set up home in two locations in Orange county. The first being inside the ALO Hotel and the other is down the street in the market place.

The great thing about Anepalcos is that they have a lunch and dinner menu, which means if you fancy something fairly simple and light there is the choice there. We suggest for dinner you try the ‘Camitas’ which is very tasty. It is pork chipolata ranch on an avocado and mixed salad bed, with coriander and browned ciabatta.

For drinks, we recommend you go straight for the ‘chika sexy’ which is apple vodka mixed with pineapple, lemon juice, agave, angostura and peychids. They have a huge range of wines and liquors which include local and Mexican or French imports. Photo credit –