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    City-Center, Oslo

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    Should you need some help to wile away the small hours of a Friday night in Oslo, then look no further than Cafe Con Bar. That this drinkerie has long proven such a crowd-puller with trendy Oslogians will come as no surprise, given its deftly mixed cocktails, its convivial atmosphere and above all its loungy retro '70's decor. Oh, and its food-the chilli con Carne, for example, is quite rightly the stuff of legend. A large drinks list ordinarily has the experience sets one's alarm bells aringing. Not so here, where there's both quantity and indeed quality. Examples of the latter include its range of bottled beers, its champagne (the Blanc de Noirs Brut is a must ) which are available by the glass or bottle, and its of course cocktails. Which brings us to the particularly excellent Fjellbekk, made with Akevitt, Norway's national tipple made from potatoes and grain, a liberal glug of vodka, lime juice and lemonade. Skål!

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