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    At the forefront of the craft spirit revolution sweeping the popular bar world, Himkok not only pours spirits, it produces them too. Before you can taste the spirits at this speakeasy-cum-micro-distillery though, you have to find your way in, and as the Himkok's entrance is well hidden, knowing the address is only just the start of the search. Hint: look around back by the beauty salon. Once inside Himkok, you are greeted by an interior that is an even cross between a Prohibition hideout and modern laboratory. Featuring prominently to your eyes upon entry will be jar after jar of pickled fruits and vegetables, which is an homage to the days of Prohibition when secret bars would set up elaborate fronts of legitimate business in order to keep the authorities away. The pickling jars also reinforce the laboratory vibe, and soon you'll be greeted by men in white coats hard at work at bringing the next batch of micro-distilled vodka, gin, or Scandinavian favourite aquavit to life. One of the only distilleries of its kind in Scandinavia, the mad scientists are in fact a dedicated team of cocktail professionals whose homegrown spirits and herbs pepper the cocktail card and feature in some of the tastiest and most creative concoctions therein. There's the Beta Cocktail made with Himkok vodka, carrot juice, ginseng, grapefruit and a dash of horseradish along with the Fjellbekk-san which is a true north-meets-east mix made of Himkok aquavit, sake, spruce syrup, and elderflower tonic.   

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